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Villages and Towns in the Cream area


The village of Ahladia (meaning Pear, so named from a tree that once flourished in the village square) is set on a gently rising fertile plateau 8 km from the north coast town of Sitia on a picturesque road that runs through a splendid pass to the village [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Delightful, tiny, traditional village only 500 metres from sandy beaches and 1 kilometre from Paleokastro, it has a minimarket a couple of tavernas and a kafeneon and is a flat walk from Paleokastro where everything is available. It is a half hour's drive [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Agia Fotia

This village is set on a hillside just above a fertile coastal plateau on the north shore of East Crete, 7km east of Sitia on the main road to Via and Paleokastro. It has some excellent tavernas and kafenions, plus a supermarket and a selection of rooms, [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Agios Georgios

This is s small and very picturesque country village, constructed on the side of a green and fertile ravine, just off the main road between the North coast town of Sitia and the south coast resort of Makrigialos. Originally called Tourtouloi the village a [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Agios Spiridonas

This small unspoiled traditional country village was once called Kanene and is situated on the pretty and romantic road to the Ziros Plateau. Passing through the village of Agios Georgios, just off the main north/south coast road from Sitia to Ierapetra, [Properties, Info & Pictures]


This is an area running along the main coast road from Sitia to Paleokastro rather than a village. There are a few scattered houses and a complex known as Dionysos where there is a selection of houses, apartments, tavernas, cafenions and a couple of swimm [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Armeni is situated 23 kilometres from Sitia on the North East Coast of Crete, near to Chandras village and has kafenions and tavernas. It is on the road via Nea Pressos- Handras. Surrounded by gardens, orchards and vineyards. Many windmills draw water [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A small settlement on the plain between Paleokastro and Zakros 31 kms from Sitia. There are only some inhabitants living there who occupy themselves with agriculture. The Adiavato Cave is in this area. It is remote and peaceful but is a good 15 minutes [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Exo Apidia

Remote – quiet and small village about 23 kilometres from Sitia. Not on a frequent bus route. Set in south of the Handras Plateau. It consists of 7 settlements among which the biggest are the Mesa Apidi and Exo Apidi. The others are not inhabited excep [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Exo Mouliana

This is a vibrant rural village with a good bus route between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia and is about 16 kilometres from Sitia. It has small tavernas, cafenions and minimarkets. It has a perfectly decorated ottoman spring. The Richtis Ravine has been rec [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Is a traditional beautiful village about 8 minutes by bus to Sitia and all its amenities with its little folk museum, has a baker, and small essential shops it has lovely sea views. 11 kilometres from Sitia it is well known for many archeological interest [Properties, Info & Pictures]


It is a traditional village 27 km south from Sitia on the Armenochantrades Plateau. In the area are various Venetian, Turkish and Byzantine remains. It has mini markets and kafenions. Mountain views. It was the municipality for 26 villages. It has a sm [Properties, Info & Pictures]


About 1.5 kilometres from Sitia on the road towards Paleokastro and Vai it has no real amenities and has a nice sandy beach but everything can be bought in Sitia. It is also on the way to Agia Fotia with its very good tavernas. Good bus route. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


One of the most unspoiled villages in Crete 10 kilometres from Zakros and 22 kilometres from Sitia this village consists of lovely whitewashed houses with terracotta tiled roofs inhabited by Cretans, and little hidden streets of stone houses waiting to b [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Kato Drys

Completely un-spoilt area. This is a lovely rural village slightly elevated with outstanding views and situated 8 kilometres from Sitia. Nearest amenities in neighbouring small village or Sitia. [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Kato Episkopi

A small scenic village on the green valley of the Pantelis River, very close to Piskokefalou. For some time it was the seat of the Latin bishop of Sitia. Minoan tombs and other finds have been excavated in that area. In the last few years in this ferti [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Kato Krya

Small village situated 20km from Sitia and 20km away from Makrigialos. [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Kato Zakros

A coastal area 8 kilometres from Pano Zakros on a magnificent bay with sandy beaches. Here in 1961 the renowned archaeologist Nikolaos Platon traced and excavated the fourth Minoan Place on Crete. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Kimouriotis Below Ahladia and the village of Skopi on the other side, hidden away in the green and verdant valley and set beside the ancient Spring of Lapsanari, is the very old village of Kimouriotis which until recently was full of deserted ruins, bu [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Is a quiet seaside area a few kilometers away from Paleokastro with all its amenities, tavernas, minimarkets, bars etc. It is a lovely coastline with shallow swimming and sandy beaches and a small marina. There are a few rent rooms and minimarkets etc., [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A vibrant living village on the bus route between Sitia and MakriGialos on the south coast. About 10 minutes drive to Makrigialos. It has small shops, tavernas and cafenions. It has a good bus route, several tavernas and small shops. Lovely rural views. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


This is a seaside village with quiet tourism 35 kilometres south of Sitia – a lot of things close down in the winter, but in the summer it has tourist shops and many nice tavernas, it is liked for its sandy beaches and good climate. It is on a good bus r [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Is a small rural village just off the main road between Sitia and Makrigialos about 10 minutes or less to Sitia (10 kms) . It does not have a lot of amenities but has a good bus route to Sitia. Set on the west bank of the Pentelis river. There is a terr [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Mesa Mouliana

Is a traditional Cretan village with normal amenities like minimarket, cafenions and tavernas on a good bus route between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia about 25 minutes away (18 kms). It has numerous archaeological sites with many finds. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Mirsini is a traditional village with lovely sea views and typical Cretan houses. On a good bus route and has a primary school, mini market, some tavernas and kafeneons. The spring in the central square refreshes the travellers and the locals with it's co [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A vibrant village with tavernas small shops and cafes. It is near to many lovely, unspoiled sandy beaches and is on the road between Sitia and vai. Nearest large town is Sitia about 3o minutes drive away. [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Pano Episkopi

Is a vibrant traditional village on the road between Sitia and Makrigialos with a good bus route. 12 kilometres from Sitia. Amenities such as minimarkets, kafenions etc. it has a historic church with three aisles. [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Pano Zakros

It is located 8 kms from Kato Zakros and the beach and has minimarkets, tavernas, kafenions and a couple of small hotels. It is very green. At the upper part of the village are the big and renowned Springs of Zakros and in the village there are many wat [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Papadiokampops situated close to Sitia town. The nearest village is Faneromeni. Fantastic sandy beaches around and very peaceful. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


This remote village is about 8 kilometres south of Lithines, off the main road between Sitia in the north and MakriGialos in the south – it is surrounded by the most amazing and unspoiled countryside and you can walk through the Perivolakia Gorge to the [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Petras is on the outskirts of Sitia, a large town on the North East coast with, banks, shops, eateries etc., a big port and an airport. It has lovely sandy beaches and very nice tavernas spanning the harbour side. Vibrant all the year round. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A lively big, fertile village set about 4 kilometres from Sitia on the road south to Makrigialos. This vibrant village has small shops and tavernas and is bustling with local Cretans who farm locally or work in Sitia. It has a mild climate and flowers b [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Russa Eklissia

Is an elevated traditional village about 5 kms inland from the main road running between Sitia and Paleokastro – it has stunning sea views and amenities such as minimarkets, cafenions and tavernas. It has spring waters and a preserved historical spring is [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Beautiful traditional village situated 15 km away from Sitia. Nearest village is Sitanos. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Is on a good bus route 40 kms from Agios Nikolaos and 30 kms from Sitia where there is a hospital, dentist and cinema. A very vibrant traditional village with all amenities, bakers, butchers, tavernas, cafenions etc., It has a tarmac road leading to Mochl [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Is a big traditional village with a pretty square and amenities like minimarkets, kafenions and tavernas and small shops – it is on a good bus route between Sitia and Makrigialos in the south. 17 kilometres from Sitia. At Drapani in the north east of the [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Is a large town on the North east coast with an airport, banks, shops, eateries etc., a big port and an airport that is presently being extended to take bigger planes. It has lovely sandy beaches and very nice tavernas spanning the harbour side. Vibrant [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Sitia Fringes

Around this large town are many lovey beaches, shops, eateries, a big port and the airport. There are alots of nice tavernas and it is vibrant all year. [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Sitia Town

This large town can be located on the North east coast of Crete. There is an airport, banks, shops, eateries etc., a big port and an airport that is presently being extended to take bigger planes. It has lovely sandy beaches and very nice tavernas spanni [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A village set off the main road between Sitia and MakriGialos about 1 km on a concrete road, it has its own fragrant water supply from an Ottoman Spring but otherwise there are presently no amenities in the village and for those the nearest village Sikia [Properties, Info & Pictures]


This traditional village is situated about 8 kilometres from Sitia and the beaches. On a good bus route from Agios Nikolaos. It has shops, tavernas, cafeterias and minimarkets, pharmacy and an infant’s school. It is a fertile farming village, with appro [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Quiet, remote, rural village. Nearest amenities are in Achladia where there are minimarkets and good tavernas. This is about 15 minutes away by car and the village is about 25 minutes by car from Sitia. For those who want a simple, peaceful, country li [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A delightful village only 15 minutes drive from Sitia on the road to Karidi with outstanding sea and mountain views and buckets of sunshine and fresh air. Not much else in the village, but not remote. 7 kilometres from Sitia. There are many water spring [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A vibrant traditional village with kafeneons and tavernas, bakers and butchers on a good bus route between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia still very unspoiled. About an hour’s drive from Sitia. A big village set on a hill 27 kilometres from Sitia on the Nation [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Vai Beach

The beautiful palm beach of Vai. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A traditional village set a little lower down from the main road between Sitia and MakriGialos – it is about 10 minutes drive from the south with its sandy beaches. The village has the usual amenities for day-to-day shopping [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Xerocambos Xerocambos is a place of great beauty, set on its own plateau at the far eastern end of Crete facing the Libyan sea. Approached from a semi-circle of mountains that tip down from the Ziros/Handras plateau access is by a road down from the v [Properties, Info & Pictures]


In the Far East – this village is quite remote and takes some time to reach from Sitia. It does have shops; small hotels, minimarkets, kafeneons and tavernas, sought after by people who like unspoiled Crete. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


An administrative important village in the Sitia area on the Handras Plateau 28 kilometres from Sitia. It has old churches with important wall paintings and writings from the 16th century. A fertile village where olive oil, sultanas wine and dairy produ [Properties, Info & Pictures]

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