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PRICE RANGE - From £25,000 for a small village property needing work to £700,000. Crete Property Consultants travels regularly to Crete all year round to inspect, photograph and assess properties which come to CPC either directly from local contacts, through one of their colleagues on the island or direct from absent owners abroad. A lot of property needs refurbishment or renovation and over the years many English speaking contacts have been made with artisans whose work not only has been assessed, but in most cases the workmen have worked on houses belonging to people working for Crete Property or for one of their colleagues so that the standard is well known. 

A vast choice is available from farmhouses to new and old stone built houses, potteries, small and large tracts of land. Sites near to the sea and or to villages. Many commercial enterprises are available for sale, again these vary from small bars and taverns, to car hire firms, hotels, apartment blocks for holiday rental etc. It is impossible to keep up an up to date list of commercial premises although we do have a cross section - as far as these type of purchases are concerned it is better to make your wishes known and have a firm appointment in Crete either to view properties or meet beforehand. We visit Crete frequently all year round and make a point of inspecting both the commercial and private properties. You will be guided you through the purchasing process.


Stellios Tsombanakis
The gentleman who represents us and shows in South East Crete.

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